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   Invitation to read 2024


How to draw closer to God in 2024 (using the 2019 video)

Suggested reading plans for 2024

New Testament (Every Day)
New Testament (Week Days)
Whole Bible (Old and New Every Day)
Old Testament (Every Day)
Whole Bible Plan (Genesis to Revelation)

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What Larry (website creator) is reading...

                                                                •Three times through the Gospels
                                                                •Twice through Acts - Revelation (Weekdays)
                                                                •Once through the Old Testament

Gospels January - April
Gospels May - August
Gospels September - December
NT Letters January - June 2024 (Week Days)
NT Letters July - December 2024 (Week Days)
Old Testament (Every Day)

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Kick-off call study CALL TO ACTION: How do we remain in Christ? (5 min audio clip)

Click here for the complete study. (52 mins)

Need motivation? Watch this video!

See video below for practical tips for daily reading.

   Bible Reading Testimonies

  1. Larry and the Bible Team (7:35 mins)
  2. Sam, Riverside, CA - Not just about reading (1:14 mins)
  3. Gabryel, Houston, TX - Sharing with the kids (2:23 mins)
  4. Rick, Laguna Beach, CA - Sharing with his wife (1:33 mins)
  5. Melissa, Shippensburg, PA - Intimacy with Christ (4:17 mins)
  6. Sylvester, Riverside, CA - Ministry starts at home (3:24 mins)
  7. Walt, Romona, CA - Reading the Word gives us life (8:41 mins)
  8. Pastor John, Chula Vista, CA - Loving others. Power of the Word (2:15 mins)
  9. Andy, Cincinnati, OH - Staying in the Truth (2:19 mins)
  10. Brooke, Cincinnati, OH - He knows our sorrow (4:09 mins)
  11. Leonard, Cottonwood, AZ - Agnostic to Believer (3:55 mins)


  1. Shortest Bible Study in History (12:10 mins)
  2. Roosevelt, Portland, OR - His image in us (6:08 mins)
  3. Larry, Spring, TX - An ideal way to grow (4:22 mins)
  4. Will, Conway, AR - A call for fasting (2:52 mins)
  5. Pastor Jeff, Grand Forks, ND - Intimacy in Christ (7:43 mins)
  6. Larry, Spring, TX - Developing a daily habit (2:47 mins)
  7. Roosevelt, Portland, OR - Making the Word personal (15:13 mins)
  8. Pastor Jeff, Grand Forks, ND - We need to challenge people (4:34 mins)

Tips on building a daily reading habit.

Need Motivation? Watch this video...

What is the importance of reading the Bible?

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