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Larry's testimony (site founder, 2010)

A more recent testimony (2018), with more details, can be seen here:

"I have been a Bible student for 33 years. But it was two years ago that I was asked to read the Bible through in a year. I agreed to do it. During this time I have found a great blessing as I share new and wonderful things God is showing me in his Word and hearing from others what He is teaching them through the same Scriptures."
Lee H., Riverside, CA
"When 2009 started I was reading the Bible a chapter or two several times a week. Then I was encouraged to join The BibleTeam conference call on Fri. nights. At first I tried to read to keep up with what they were reading, and did enjoy the discussions each week. Then the last couple of months I realized I was looking forward to reading every day, and a lot of what I read stayed with me. I really believe we are what we read. If I want to do the Lords will, to put Him first in my life, I need to be in His Word every day. The conference call is for sharing our praises and failures, and ask others to pray for us. It is so neat to also have the other share how they have grown in the Lord.

I was saved when I was very young, was taken to church, learned all the Bible stories children learn, I know it was important and took my boys to church when they were little, however I never had a desire for the Bible and a close relationship with God. Many years I was far from Him. Thanks for Gods grace He has me back. "

Darlene P., Shippensburg, PA

"Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way that there is only one thing, not worship, not fellowship, not works, not just grace and mercy, but God's word, taken in daily doses, that keeps me close to God. All the other things are great, but we as human beings soon learn how to circumvent the benefits of these activities. I have found that if I commit to reading His word daily, God stays so close to me that I feel His discipline and His love, no matter where I go."
Bill B., Riverside, CA

Matthew Smith, a Bible Team member from the UK, shares his exciting testimony during a phone interview with Larry.
Click here to listen.

“If you are looking at a way to improve your life, you could improve your diet, you could improve your exercise, you could work harder. There’s a lot of things you could do. This past year I don’t think anything has changed my life in a more positive direction than reading through the Bible.”
Joe H., Irvine, CA on a recent conference call.

"I really enjoy reading the Bible, it is my first time and I know that I am not going to be able to take it all in on this one. I am looking forward to doing it again and again, because I feel that you will always learn something new. I bought a bible dictonary and study guide to go along with the class and it really helps out. "
Joan R., Lakewood, CA

"I've been a believer since I was a little boy. I've read different Bible books from time to time, but never developed a daily reading habit. Since continuously reading the Bible last year my life has changed immeasurably. I have a wonderful sense of peace, a whole new sense of purpose and a much improved relationship with God."
Larry P., Riverside, CA
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