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Statement of Faith
Just to be clear. This ministry is not an organization as a typical ministry. If you've watched my testimony, found here, then you'll know how this was started and that it is just me that runs it. I make websites myself and I host the weekly calls and the videos that I've done.

My Core Doctrines:

I believe that the Word of God is without error. The message of the Bible is infallible and when the reader thinks there is a contradiction or finds an error it simply means that the reader lacks proper understanding and/or education.

God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He is almighty God and He is sovereign. He created all things, seen and unseen.

There is but one God and there is no other. God is in three persons that we know from Scripture, the Father, His Son Jesus and His Spirit.

Jesus was with God at the beginning and came to this earth through a virgin birth. He was fully man and fully God. He died on the cross and was bodily raised from the dead. He now sits at the right hand of the Father. He will come again for the "second coming".

Jesus is the one, true mediator that is required for salvation. There is no other name one can call on to be saved. (John 14: 6) Jesus's death on the cross paid for all people's sins.

To be saved (eternal life) we must repent (change our mind) and turn to God. (This is my very simple explanation.) We are saved by faith alone. No work or works can save us but faith alone (Genesis 15: 6)

I do not follow or associate with any particular denomination. I believe that denominations cause more harm than good, but that the Body of Christ, those who are "in Christ" (John 15), can be found in any given denomination, and those who might not even attend "church".

We are the Church (those in Christ), the Body of Christ, and I think it's important to fellowship with the Church on a regular, if not daily basis, rather than placing a great importance on one weekly service to attend. Being a disciple is about being disciplined in His ways through prayer, reading the Word and fellowship (at the least). It's about participation and this is how we grow together to become more like Him.

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